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A Night at the Museum

Every now and then you can combine a dinner and a show in NOLA and get to enjoy two terrific aspects of nightlife in our town. The NOLA Project, one of our premier theater groups creating "Theater for the Bold" kicked off their 2018 season with their newest production called the Revolutionists in the great hall of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Of course since this is a drinking blog and not a theater blog, we'll tell you what happens on the lead up to the show instead.

Since eating and having some cocktails before you engage in any show is very important, we chose our regular favorite Rosedale which happens to be close enough to the Museum that you can relax and be on time. Eating pre show also allows you to partake in one of the most economical Happy Hours in town so we decided to do appetizers along with the Bourbon based cocktail know as the Rail. There's not a whole lot going on at Rosedale at 5:30PM because the only people who should be eating at that time should be over 50.....uh I mean 60. The staff is hilarious and charming to engage with when they are bored which is another reason to check out Rosedale.

Upon arriving at the Museum, Ralph Brennan's internal restaurant Cafe NOMA was busy serving cocktails pre show and during the show. Wine was in abundance as well as Bombay Gin so we quickly gathered cocktails then settled into the Great Hall at NOMA. Because some of us like to get up during the show, the bartender easily had Bombay and Tonic available as she saw someone wandering down the main hall to the restaurant. Most people would normally be worried that a bartender could remember our cocktail but alas, this is New Orleans and we just consider that part of the charm. Oh yeah so not to forget, the NOLA Project also did a wonderful job on the production.

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