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Divinity aka Divine Food in an Asylum

The 75 room St Vincent Hotel which opened in 2021, is a fine example of restored history in the lower Garden District of New Orleans. Formerly a children's asylum in 1861, the hotel features a beautiful lobby which surrounds an exquisite pool area in a center courtyard surrounded by sleeping rooms.

Of course a new boutique hotel would not be complete without some delicious restaurants and there are two: San Lorenzo with the Paradise Lounge and the casual St. Elizabeth's French Vietnamese. San Lorenzo is our feature today and hosts a spacious dining room off the main lobby across from the Paradise Lounge. The name San Lorenzo comes from the Patron Saints of Cooks. The restaurant offers a well thought out cocktail menu which allows you to easily pair with the unique offerings on the food menu which even includes Octopus- tentacles and all. Of course if you are less adventurous, the full bar of the Paradise Lounge offers all the standard libations that NOLA is know for including local craft beer. For you light beer drinkers, you'll have to choose the lightest of the locals since the big brand light beers are not carried here.

Small plates are unique and well designed. We happened to visit on a holiday weekend so the featured large plate was an incredible prime rib. Of course, nothing is complete with out a well balanced dessert and those artful creations certainly made the end to a wonderful meal delightful.

San Lorenzo at the Hotel St. Vincent

1507 Magazine Street



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