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Who and What is Mimiskdo

     Mimiskdo is the home of Michael Shlenker and Don Schwenn in New Orleans Louisiana.   The home originally belonged to Michael's father but was flooded with seven feet of water in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.   The elder Shlenker sold the home to Michael and Don and seven years of renovation began.  Since Michael's family was deeply rooted in the alcoholic beverage industry in Louisiana, the first task was to create a world class bar for our friends and family to enjoy on their visits.

     Michael and Don contracted the original design with local architect John Wettermark who turned a 1970's ranch style home into the open air concept it was to become.  Scottsdale designer Amy Klosterman was enlisted to finish the overall design concept and created the unique patterns found in the bar as well as several other areas in the home including the very talked about Elmo bathroom.    Local contractor Van Staub was the final piece of the puzzle and was hired to transform the Shlenker home into Mimiskdo.    Van's wife Sandy Staub is part of local design team Chrestia Staub and Pierce so elements of her design skill are evident throughout the house and especially the master bathroom.

     Mimiskdo is now the host to many fun parties for the owners including mixology from local bartenders and skilled friends who share their talents with us to make life grand.  Many of the rooms are based on themes that draw our attention  including local running races,  Mardi Gras parades-specifically Bacchus, Muses and Nyx, the art studio inspired by our friend Frederick Guess and of course the infamous Elmo bathroom.

     And what does MIMISKDO really stand for?   The first two initials of the new owners and the old owners names....Michael Mimi Skippy and Don.   Two letters for each M I M I S K D O.

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