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Thirsty Thursdays at Seven Three Distilling

The holidays are an even better time to visit the Seven Three Distillery located at the end of Bienville where it meets Claiborne Avenue. The annual holiday sale was on and all bottles were discounted $7.03. Of course my favorite is the Gentilly Gin because basically I enjoy the taste of gin more than any other concoction on the planet.

The Distillery features a pop up food truck caterer each Thursday so you can hang at the bar and drink a cocktail and even get a tour of the facility. The bartenders are very friendly, and I even got to taste the new flavored Gentilly Gin which is aged in bourbon oak barrels so it takes on a very light caramel color and has hints of bourbon in the taste.

Of course there is also lots of great swag with the logo pasted all about. I added a few pictures for everyone so you could see.

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