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Memorials and Mascara

Every Memorial Day, and thank you military personnel for your sacrifices and bravery to keep us safe in America, Wood's Enterprises coordinates a unique bar hop race known as the Mascara Run. This is the only time of the year that a collection of LGBTQ bars are nice to each other and participate together to raise money for one of our outstanding, talented schools know as the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts or NOCCA. Each team submits a single candidate who must complete a variety of bar challenges while adding an element of their drag costume at each location.

The stops include eating chili cheese fries to begin with which is always a challenge in itself, and then a specific drink at each bar stop ranging from the frozen separator to the famous mind eraser which does just that. Contestants start with panty hose and four inch heels being placed on their feet as they run to each stop to get the bra and boobs, makeup including eye lashes and finger nails, wig and hat and finally their ravishing dress ensemble. There are categories defining the race including best drag, most money raised, worst drag, and fastest time.

It is always a good time for the spectators as well because watching the runners go from nice young men to voluptuous drag queens is always worth it. Watching non participating tourists light up as they see the drag racers hurtling past them on Bourbon Street towards the finish line is always fun as well. As for the rest of us, we spend our money sipping on cocktails while all this is happening because of course it is NOLA and we can drink in the streets.

Mascara Run New Orleans

Cafe Lafitte in Exile

901 Bourbon Street



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