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Parkway Bakery and the Secret Section

Parkway Bakery, one of the oldest po boy shops in the city of New Orleans, has been continually renovating and buying up their block for years now. The latest addition is the Speakeasy Room located right off the parking lot.

When you think of Speakeasy, most of us are used to a secret door that when opened, brings you into another world filled with great libations, debauchery and some other types of fun. Jay's place, named after owner Jay Nix, is a bit different than all that. It's a new room located at the back of the establishment but the twist here is there is waitstaff who can provide you with wonderful cocktails and Parkway food without having to wait in line with all the crazies at the front of the shop. Of course this was a little hard to believe at first since we have all waited in the long but fast moving line in the main room. Alas it is true though, and once you order your cocktails and poboys, the kitchen doors pop open in a short time and Parkway food is in front of you.

Our favorite part of this new section is a window seating area that overlooks the main dining area. You can watch everything and everyone from this perch and see exactly how people are interacting with each other. There is also a giant television that fills the room so sports fans will not miss out on anything. The room is kind of a secret at the moment so we are curious how many Jazz Festers will discover it once the season truly kicks off. For the moment though, sit in the window, enjoy your sandwich and watch all the nice people waiting in line that have not figured out there is a fancier room in arm's reach. There is also a great collection of vintage New Orleans signage in the bar which makes it fun to dream about great times gone by.

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

538 Hagan Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119



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