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When a Pub Returns to being THE Pub

Dive Bars are always a thing in New Orleans and tend to be some of the most fun places to frequent because traditions remain the same and the locals feel more comfortable. The Avenue Pub on St. Charles Avenue began it's long tenure in 1987 as such a dive bar and was known for what some would consider a "rough trade" with bikers and local shift workers who would hang at the bar for what seemed like days since the place was open 24 hours a day. As time progressed and the owner aged, his daughter moved from the middle of the country to take over her dad's business. The Pub was cleaned up a bit and the clientele grew into a more "hip" crowd who loved the exotic beer and bourbon collections. We even attended many Mardi Gras parades on the balcony and had our choice of handcrafted cocktails and wonderful bourbon selections. Then came that Covid thing and the Avenue Pub closed and renovations began. Two years later, the doors reopened to a bright shining bar that we basically all disliked with a passion, and did not quite understand why the owner had made these changes.

Now the Avenue Pub has been sold and has new owners from The Rambler, a bar we frequent on Frenchman Street, and Blue Oak BBQ, which is a restaurant and bar we enjoy in Mid City. The dark interior has been restored creating the old English pub feel again. Multiple beer taps are also back as is a fine collection of whiskies. The televisions have returned which makes watching sports easier than it has ever been. The upstairs balcony, delayed for some extensive renovations, is back open with a wonderful selection of whiskies and cocktails and even a sliding ladder to get to the top shelves to grab bourbons. No, they will not let you zip across the sliding ladder unless you work there. There is a ton of seating upstairs so many more people can hang on the balcony and watch the street cars roll by. The food has been re-imagined and along with daily specials, there is a solid standard food menu that you can easily find some great local cuisine on.

Our personal favorite addition to the bar is the interior miniature street car that constantly trolleys around the room of the entire first floor. Our other favorite is the refreshing of the antique Avenue Pub logo which is now on shirts and hats because, your know, you have to sell a little merch with the booze.

The Avenue Pub

1732 St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130


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