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Momma was a Rolling Stone

The Lower Garden District has received a brand new hip and fun restaurant and bar in Beggars Banquet. Open for only 5 weekends as of this writing, Beggars is a gem on lower Prytania in beautifully renovated space with ample parking all around.

The menu changes regularly for daily brunch and dinner and has a good selection of salads, entrees, sandwiches and appetizers. The appetizers are way too generous at the moment which probably will change because they provide enough food for three to four people to share....and you should share because everything is delicious.

The restaurant and bar are connected by a walkway in the middle but each section can stand on their own. The restaurant is comfortable with maroon velvet chairs and the giant mural art throughout makes the place a selfie taking dream. The bar also has tables of its own, so if you want to watch the very talented mixologist do her thing, it is quite a show and we discovered she can make anything that you ask for even cocktails that are not on the menu.

Drinks are wonderful and tasty and not crazy expensive in the scheme of designer cocktails bars. We made a casual brunch of it and imbibed in a couple cocktails each because we were so intrigued by the descriptions on the menu. One extra treat is the staff because they are way happy, not Disneyland happy, but just the right amount of happy, and they seem legitimately interested in making sure you have a great experience.

And yes for all you young people, I had to Google the Beggar Banquet thing to discover the relationship with the Rolling Stones--you know that band that has members that have been playing for what seems like 80 years and are still around.

Beggars Banquet

1330 Prytania Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130



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