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Sunsets in the Pacific

Every so often we do get out of town and see how everyone else enjoys the world, so this year we escaped Turkey Day away from the families--and unfortunately we missed the Turkey Run at City Park--and traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a long weekend. Of course PV has been a big Mexican getaway for everyone because of the quaint town and beautiful beach activities. The streets are still lined with very bumpy cobblestones, better known as rocks, so wandering and driving is something best done with a little alcohol in your system. No...not drinking and driving, but drinking and Ubering.

The daylife and nightlife are all quite spectacular. Most tourists hang at the beach all day since the beach clubs are many and the sights are even better. One of us does not do sand, so we stayed on the main paths in the city and found our way through bars and restaurants on our own. Of course as you convert into the night scenes from the wonderful setting sun on the rooftop bars, everyone comes out to party and enjoy the variety of clubs throughout down town. Drag is huge in PV so there is no shortage of shows for seeing locally famous and even international drag queens. We happened to be down when Ada Vox was at the Palms Club who some of you may remember from American Idol and Queen of the Universe. Her show was quite spectacular and started the night off right.

We hit some of the rooftop pools including the Sky Bar to watch the sun set over the city. The rooftops are a blast because everyone comes up from the beach and then hits the pools for more drinking before heading out to the clubs. Our most memorable evening, that we could actually publish in our G rated Blog was at Bar Le Noche which is a multi level club with a nice view if you manage to make it up the rickety stairs to the fourth floor. Here we saw a very fun drag queen who needed a little New Orleans assistance with her lip synching but regardless entertained us well.

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