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Tujague's Makes Christmas Day Very Special

All our friends know that Tujague's, home of the original Grasshopper drink, is one of our favorite places to eat in the city. Mark Latter drives the bus these days and continues to add to his father's legacy with new food creations and great service from the staff. We were lucky enough to sit with Louis this Christmas and were equally lucky to have the front table in the windows that face Decatur.

The bar was of course hopping with the very usual, unusual locals( we fit in that catgeory) and tourists who seem to always gravitate towards Tujague's Paul Gustings is back in the bar and carries more stories about anything in the Quarter and he will be happy to tell you anything you want to know - and may not want to know.

Food was of course delicious and obviously from the more than 1000 guests who were booked throughout the busy day, lots of folks were eager to be part of a NOLA holiday tradition. We capped off the day with a quick trip around Jackson Square and a final cocktail at the Bourbon O bar in the Bourbon Orleans hotel where they still make a legitimate Ramos Gin Fizz with egg whites.

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