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Sugar Bowl Saturday

The French Quarter was bustling with Clemson and Bama fans who were preparing for the big SEC matchup on Monday. We headed down into the craziness to attend a party at the 700 Club on Dauphine and St. Peter. The 700 Club is a neighborhood bar with gay friendly undertones making it a refreshing oasis in the middle of the Quarter. Of course the bar was perfectly decorated with timely Mexican border wall ornaments( which there is no wall at the moment) and fiesta decorations. There is also a countdown clock dedicated to the new year making it an even more timely spot to ring in 2018. Happy hour is daily from 2 to 9PM and a compact kitchen in the back supplies some very good eats for patrons.

Took a small detour on the way home to the second to last evening at Celebration in the Oaks which is our City Park's annual light show for the holidays. The weather was perfect and crowds were just starting to fill in. Our favorite new addition is of course the wine fridge in the front entrance at the Oscar Tolmas Center. We had chatted with Botanical Gardens Director Paul Soniat earlier in the year and suggested that they add wine to the beverage selections for patrons that wanted more than an energy or soft drink.

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