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The Goldberg Girls and White Zinfandel

Not sure if anyone watches the Goldberg television series on ABC, but last night's episode was extremely charming and heart warming because of the references to one of my favorite historical shows known as the Golden Girls. Yes, watching repeats of the Golden Girls is a pretty fun and regular event for me much to the chagrin of the person I live with. The mom character in the new series, Beverly Goldberg, was attempting to gather a collection of girlfriends to mimic the great camaraderie of the women in the original series. My favorite part of the attempt was when Beverly kept pulling out the bottle of white zinfandel(WZ) which was intended to be the bond to keep the women together.

Those of us over forty years of age are very familiar with white zinfandel(WZ). WZ was the one product that many wine drinkers experimented with as they moved towards the ever increasing wine trend. Sutter Home, Beringer, and a brand that is barely around anymore, Glen Ellen, were some of the most popular labels in their day. Sutter Home still finds its way onto many restaurant menus because there is a large percentage of the population that enjoys it. What is an interesting new trend in the pink category as I discovered from visiting relatives a few years ago, is the ever increasing popularity of rose wines. Rose wines are a lot dryer than the WZ so there is a perceived level of more sophistication. These wines sure seem to be selling well and there are some even rather expensive roses that are now available on the market. Being a red wine guy, I have never dabbled in the pink category except for Rose champagnes, but I do enjoy watching the guests at Mimiskdo partake in pink. I worry a little bit if they start discovering rose Prosecco and then we get back to the days of multiple flavors of Cold Duck. Yeah those two words are certainly a blast from the past!

Enjoy your Rose and your WZ and "Thank you for being a friend!"

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