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Domenica still Serving Great Food

Our weekend adventures in the downtown NOLA area brought us to the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and a viewing of Jurassic Park while the music played to the movie. We had a chance to head over to the Roosevelt Hotel for a quick bite so we chose Domenica.

Domenica is of course one of the jewels in the Besh Restaurant Group and everyone knows the recent troubles that the group has had. There are a couple lines of thought on eating at a Besh Restaurant these days from the locals and one is to boycott them and let them go out of business. The other is to support the remaining personnel that rely on this rather large company and keep these places going despite what ownership did. We fall into the latter group so we were happy to have a quick lunch and some cocktails. Domenica is mainly a small plate and pizza joint but there are some outstanding larger dishes as well.

We settled on one of the meaty based pizzas and our friends that joined us had a very stylish meat and cheese board. Service remains outstanding as ever and the traffic from the trendy tourists passing through makes Domenica a very fun space to stop in.

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