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Horses, Hops and Cops - The Anheuser Busch and Louisiana Hospitality Group's Fundraiser

If you ever wanted to be up close and personal with the Budweiser Clydesdales, then Mardi Gras week one is the place. This big fundraiser benefits the New Orleans Mounted Police Division which is the largest mounted police group in the USA. For those of you that have been on Bourbon Street before, the mounted police are a fixture during major events and their well groomed horses stand at ease with the many humans surrounding them.

This year, a soccer game was added to the mix as the mounted police took to the riding arena with a giant soccer ball. Jerry Romig, the voice of the New Orleans Saints, was the announcer during the event and kept the audience in stitches as the teams raced to each end of the field to push the ball into the goals.

Drago's, home to the original charbroiled oysters, was the primary caterer and world famous Pat Fanny's smoked chicken was on the ground as well. Yeah, we are still trying to figure out who Pat Fanny is and why his chicken is world famous since none of us can quite remember who he is.

All of the proceeds on everything from beer to the food isa donation to the NOLA Mounted Police Division.

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