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Failure to Lunch!

Since I left the corporate world and decided that lunching was my new hobby, much to the chagrin of the other human I live with, I have always been looking for new food establishments to explore. Sala by Lake Pontchartrain is one such place. It is certainly not new since they have been open for over a year but lunch is new to them. I have been driving around in the area for months to see if they would ever open for two shifts because I could never figure out how any restaurant could exist by serving a single meal. I guess since Sala is owned by the Riccobono family with several other restaurants, Cafe Navarre, Panola Street Cafe and the Peppermill, then they could take their time.

Sala is located in an old hamburger spot so long time locals can always relate to the history of the building. The design is very slick,modern and comfortable inside, and they are willing to accept larger parties because of the generous space. My once a month date for lunch, Ms. Cathy, was happy to join me in the exploration. We of course started out with her normal glass of Prosecco and I chose the blueberry Bourbon drink which was quite yummy. They did not have crab cakes, the favorite food of my date, so we settled for grilled Brussel sprouts served in a nice cream sauce. Brussel sprouts seems to be a thing in NOLA right now. We continued with more appetizers before the final courses came out.

While the food was nice enough for lunch, the incoming crowd made Sala very entertaining. A couple of large parties of mature(and I use the term "mature" loosely since I am well into that category) ladies came in for their lunch experience and it was a joy watching them swap stories and become increasingly more animated with each incoming cocktail. I guess most of you have noticed that we tend to get a little louder with each cocktail we imbibe. Sala does have a daily happy hour from 4 to 7 daily where classic cocktails and house wine are $5.00, $3.00 off other wines and bubbly, and 1/2 price specialty beers.

Sala Restaurant and Bar


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