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This Bud May not be entirely for You.

Used to be that domestic beer and especially light beer was the preferred “lighter alcohol” of choice. Then the craft beer trend hit, and everyone wanted the next best creation from supposed microbreweries. But alas, big breweries would have none of it, so they started buying the craft breweries in droves and blending the fine line between big breweries and specialized breweries making it even tougher for consumers to figure out what they should be drinking. My face smiles with an evil grin when someone orders what they believe is “craft” beer and they have no idea it is produced by one of the beer giants, and they act so cool and clever as they pop open a mass-produced beverage.

So, our suggestion at Mimiskdo is to basically drink what you like. Throw the trends away and go for taste and you will soon discover some brands and flavors that you most certainly will enjoy. We happen to have over twenty selections of beers to choose from at Mimiskdo because we invested in a beer fridge to better support our friends. I think we also invested in this to free up our bartenders to make better cocktails at events and not be distracted from the beer drinkers. We fill it with creations that we have tasted at beer fests and have been able to grab some local brands from brew pubs that we visit regularly including Second Line Batture Blonde and Second Line West Coast IPA. The mainstays of Bud Light and Miller Lite remain because there is some perception that these brands have fewer calories. In the end, if you are happy with what you drink, we are happy. Cheers to the suds!

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