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Happy Hour with a View of the Oaks

It is not a difficult time to ever celebrate anything in New Orleans, and birthday celebrations during happy hours are probably the most fun. So we reluctantly trudged(that was sarcasm) over to Ralphs on the Park to celebrate a double birthday with two friends.

Ralph's is part of the Ralph Brennan group of restaurants in the city and the bar space is one of the classiest places to hang out because of the large windows overlooking City Park. For you history buffs, Ralph's used to be Parkway Tavern 30 years ago when I used to sell them alcohol and then it was purchased by the Sands family,who would not let us come in shorts after Jazz Fest one weekend and yes I remember everything, and finally purchased and overhauled by Ralph Brennan.

Happy Hour with our bartender Eric was quite a fun time as he honored our birthday guests with a tiny pecan pie as we sang the traditional song and disrupted the serenity of the bar. Wine, beer and Apps are on special pricing during happy hour and those of us that drink cocktails just had to suffer through the premium prices and great flavors. Needless to say, we HARDLY suffered. My favorite comment of the day was when I asked Eric why Ralph's daughter was still in the front of the house when I know she completed her 6 month rotation several month's ago. He indicated that whenever she comes back, someone is in trouble. This time at least, it was not us:)

Ralph's on the Park

900 City Park Avenue


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