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Full Moon Choppers

Every now and then you go to one of your favorite hangouts and something new happens. Second Line Brewery is one such place which we seem to frequent quite a bit too much because we love the brews-although not quite sure how you can frequent an establishment too much in NOLA! The brewery kicked off Crawfish season last Friday with quite the expensive mudbugs since we has such a cold winter, and a charity bingo event. Of course being "lent" in New Orleans, the place was packed.

To avoid the crowds the next time, midweek happy hour was in order and definitely was the right choice as the courtyard was devoid of too many people with young folks running around with their toys everywhere. The usual four legged suspects were entertaining their owners as they are always welcome guests at Second Line.

So what about the new stuff? Turns out that one of the brewery owners flies a medical helicopter and there was one buzzing the skies above the neighborhood. After a couple of flybys, the chopper paused above us and a waving hand thrust out the window to tell us all hello. Made for quite the start of the evening as the full moon was rising in the background.

Second Line Brewing

433 North Bernadotte Street


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