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Festing in not that Frisco

March kicks off what seems to be the never ending festival season in Louisiana, and Mother Nature gave us perfect weather for the San Francisco Plantation Festival known as Frisco Fest. Of course locals know this is not a festival to celebrate San Francisco but rather the beautiful aqua painted plantation home now owned and maintained by the Marathon Petroleum Garyville refinery. The plantation house, by the way, is a marvel of a home with a third story dedicated to airing out the entire mansion through a unique cooling system designed by the original German family who built it. Obviously we visit this house way too much to understand the engineering dynamics!

Frisco Fest is one of the charming, country festivals that appeals to the neighbors and has a bigger draw from the "cityfolk" because of the wonderful craft fair that accompanies it as well as the homemade, delectable south Louisiana foods created by local chefs showing off their cooking skills to the masses. Of course no event in Louisiana occurs without some alcoholic beverages, and beer and wine are always the featured beverages for those of us who like to walk around with something to occupy our hands.

We strolled around the grounds to view the collection of classic and antique cars that are always so fun to check out on day one of the Fest. Young folks also had a great day in some very cool bouncy houses and a petting zoo featuring all fuzzy animals from rabbits to goats to chickens.

We even added some art to Mimiskdo because finding local arts at these festivals is a hobby of ours, and country festivals always have much better pricing than when the artists travel to the big city - yes, we did chat with one of the artists about that very fact and discovered we should do a little more haggling when we purchase art in the city.

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