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Do Glasses Get Smarter and Cuter or the Tale of the Unstolen Cellular Phones

I always love to bar hop when I travel....Yes NOLA friends, I can hear you now saying when you travel? ....and rolling your eyes back in your head! Since I have been visiting the mecca that is Sarasota this week, thought it would be special to bump around town to a few places and see the sights. Of course since it is retirement Florida, Happy Hour happens at 3PM and last call is at 9:45 each night. It really get roaring about 9PM.

My favorite stop was the sports bar down the street that has changed names at least four times since we have been coming here. A rowdy bunch of young ladies in their mere fifties were doing shots with their hot bartender buddy, probably in his forties, and dancing around the bar. They all left their cell phones on the bar as they danced around and I could only think that if this was New Orleans, someone would have had four new phones to sell on the streets. But alas, it is Sarasota and basically nothing gets stolen because the potential robber might actually break a hip running away.

Had a wonderful Knob Creek on the rocks in honor of my good friend Susan at the local wine and Italian bar called Carmel. The bartender Mark was sarcastically humorous as he told stories about the "Snow Birds" currently in town and was counting the days until they fly the coop at the end of April. He came up with the "smarter and cuter glass" slogan as he touched off the folks next to me with a nice tawny port for their after dinner drink.

Gecko's sports bar was my stop for the next day and they kept mistakenly bringing me Tanqueray and tonics because there was apparently someone else on the other side of the bar ordering the same drink. I was totally complaining about the free cocktail each time they brought it over.......yeah that was a rather long pause because we all know I certainly was not complaining

My favorite incident to close the day was the drive home when one of the "snow birds" in the left lane decided they needed to see the shopping mall on the right side of the road ,so a quick sweep across all three lanes of traffic was in order with no regard to the rest of us behind them. Welcome to Florida folks! Maybe you should try and get free Tanqueray and tonics as well.

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