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Coffee with the Devil on April Fool's Day

One of the fallouts from an early Mardi Gras is that the end of Lent comes on a unique day. This year, Easter shared the day with April's Fool Day and quite frankly since Mother Nature was in rare, happy form, there was no fooling and the weekend was more than perfect.

We head to the French Quarter each year because there are three Easter parades on the Sunday and it makes people watching even more extraordinary than normal in the Big Easy. Our little brunch group has been spending the last few Easter's at Antoine's Restaurant which hits 175 years old in 2018. Since we tend to over decorate the table--and that is an understatement--with various Easter decorations and table top games that we find just about everywhere, we always get a private room to basically keep the other patrons happy and from stopping the restaurant from tossing us out. This year, we were in the Proteus room which is located near the wine cellar in the historic hallway on the first floor. Of course, Easter Bonnets and hats are part of the tradition and all of us do our best to conform to the rules of the brunch.

Antoine's is one of those New Orleans' traditional restaurants where locals engage in Oysters Rockefeller and the puffed potatoes. The other traditions are the fabulous Baked Alaska ice cream and egg white cake accompanied by one of the most delicious and alcoholic coffee drinks known as Cafe Brulot Diabolique. While baked Alaska is an indulgence that few can pass on, you should never not get the Devil's Coffee even if you do not drink coffee. Our waiter did not disappoint as he dimmed the lights and set the silver bowl on fire....and most of the table cloth as well....and created the very flavorful coffee, brandy and cinnamon delight that concluded this portion of the holiday. The drink is served in petite, skinny porcelain cups with a picture of the devil dancing happily away. It was a great way to toast to the holiday and get on the streets so we could catch the final parade of the afternoon.

Antoine's Restaurant

713 St Louis Street


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