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Drifting the Night Away...on Tulane Avenue

The resurgence of Tulane Avenue has been one of the nicer renovations of NOLA since one of the largest medical complexes in the country opened several years ago. Tucked away amongst the avenue is the hipster hotel known as the Drifter which I finally got to visit for an event yesterday. I had been reluctant to drop by just for the pool since the age group is a little younger than the norm for me and of course we have our own backyard bar to hang in. And No, I am not defining what younger actually means to you all!

The Drifter is a renovated motor hotel originally built in 1956. The new owners have kept the design basically the same while providing upgrades to accommodate the modern traveler. Hotel rooms remain modern mid century as does the pool courtyard and the wonderful original Terrazzo floors in the bar. Terrazzo of course used to be one of the least expensive floor selections years ago and has now become one of the most treasured and expensive coverings. The bar itself comfortably services the main lounge area and has a second side that provides cocktails for the pool scene. A very large and unique 3 dimensional floral design covers one entire wall in the lobby area and works well with vintage lamps and furniture. Drink prices are reasonable and a unique collection of beer and wine makes finding something tasty easy and quick. The newest additions include more patio space which are off to the side of the pool making it easy if the water is not your thing. The curious seekers can hang out in the lobby bar to watch the active scene on the pool side if you do not want to pay the fee to get poolside.

The Drifter

3522 Tulane Avenue


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