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A Mile High in a Classic Brownstone Hotel

Denver is one of those western sprawling cities that is experiencing rapid growth in the downtown area while maintaining some of the old west charm that made it fun to settle in in the first place. We were back from Boulder and spent a short time in the Mile High city to get some local culture and fun.

Like the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans, The Brown Palace is a grand old dame nestled in the heart of downtown. It is uniquely constructed on a block in the city which forced the entire complex to be built in the shape of a triangle allowing for incredible corner rooms, of which we had one, which provide very classic views of the city. The hotel is only nine stories in height and is capped by a stained glass ceiling that would rival the most magnificent churches. This ceiling covers the main lobby providing an ambience for serving tea and cocktails that is second to none. We missed the tea time but did have some rather rememberable cocktails as a trio of musicians entertained us. Within the hotel is also the classic wooden inlaid bar known as Ship's Tavern. Ships's Tavern is a warm and comfortable environment with great cocktails and a staff that not only keeps the drinks flowing but entertains you as well with nautical jokes. At night, the same pianist bar from the lobby bar entertains in the Tavern and guests tend to stand up and sing impromptu Karaoke. We had a bonus evening when were entertained by a wonderful bonetted lady from New York who spectacularly belted out New York, New York and pulled the entire bar in to sing with her.

So what's a pirate's favorite letter in the alphabet? You would think it would be "RRRRRR" but it really "b" the "c." Yeah, that's the only one we could publish since the others were a bit non PC for our website! Happy sailing on the seas to everyone.

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