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Bunnies are not just Tasty Easter Treats

It is always great to explore the city of New Orleans and head to restaurants that you have not yet been to. Our friends suggested Chef Nina Compton's Campere Lapin and we were eager to try it. Chef Compton is the 2018 recipient of the James Beard Award for best chef so her restaurant has become even more special.

Campere Lapin is a short walk from the Polo Lounge at the Windsor Court hotel were we started our evening. If you have not been to the Polo Lounge in a while, the dress code is now casual which was a big deterrent for us in the past because we simply do not dress up in the summer. Service at Polo is stellar and their large selection of craft cocktails makes it fun to hang out. But enough on that.

Brother Rabbit is the french translation for Campere Lapin and the "bunny" is evident in the theme of the restaurant. There is an extensive list of craft cocktails to compliment the tasty selection of small plates, clever appetizers and main courses. While the creative drinks are a little pricey, the ingredients and the taste are so spectacular that you soon forget and simply sip in. Two of our favorites were the Wreckers Corp with Irish Whiskey, orange, lemon and seasonal Jam rimmed with red sugar, and the Louisville Slugger featuring Bourbon, apple brandy, chicory and smoked vanilla. Drinks are serious here and the eight page cocktail menu clearly lets you know that. For the beer lover, the beer list is not lacking anything as well.

The bar is also a fun spot and very youthful so meeting new friends is easy and fun.

Compere Lapin

535 Tchoupitoulas Street


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