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For When the CowBell Tolls

Oak Street serves as a haven of unique bars and restaurants that appeal to many different tastes in a very compact area of uptown. One of our favorite joints is Cowbell, and Krista and Brack May( we are unifying the last names just to make life easier) have created a special, tasty place for their customers. Cowbell is located at the far end of Oak Street next to the Carrollton Parade Barn as you head towards Metairie. The often passing New Orleans Public Belt railroad keeps you on your toes as traffic stops while you await the train to move along.

Brack is the chef behind the scenes, and Krista runs the bar, the social media, and creates many of the classic art pieces in the building. The food is always delicious and innovative, and the cocktails at the bar add to the experience. Cowbell engages local craft brands regularly. One of our favorites is the "Dirty Old Man" which is Krista's take on the classic Sazerac with a bit more zing. Of course the name fittingly applies as well although we are more old than dirty. Wine and beer selections round out the drink menu making it easy for all taste buds to find something to cool down with.

As intended, the food balances with the perfect cocktail, and the chicken cracklings, although probably not great for your heart, and the brussel sprouts are a great way to get started on your meal. There are daily food specials, and Krista was kind enough to provide us with a shot of the new Irish Channel Whiskey from Seven Three Distillery which is one of our local distilleries.

Following Cowbell is also quite fun on various social media sites since the owners are more than animated with their views and posts.


8801 Oak Street


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