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Something to Revel About

NOLA is synonymous with good drinks, good food, and good service and now in Mid City, Revel Cafe and Bar has achieved all three. Revel is the brainchild of master bartender, yeah some people say mixologist, of Chris McMillian but since he basically invented the modern day cocktail in our town, we're going with the bartender term because of the tradition.

Revel has been around for close to two years which actually surprised us since we have not been there. We tend to discover new places within six months all over town. It turns out that while the cocktails have always been fabulous, the food has only recently become the new gem of the space. Nick Vella has joined the McMillian's and his combination of tasty small plates, creative appetizers and daily specials now makes finding many things that will delight everyone. The large selection of drink creations rounds out the menu and detailed recipes clearly define your beverage. Every single day there is happy hour that starts at lunch and it is not just any happy but offers single digit grand cocktails like the Sazerac and and Old Fashioned.

There are two seating options at Revel as well: the comfortable and classic wood and brass topped bar or table seating at the front of the restaurant. We have done both. Sitting at the bar is the most fun since in our case, we had the chance to chat with co-proprietor Laura McMillian, who was also our waitress, and watch her make our drinks. Yes, watching a bartender create your concoction seems to always make it taste that much better. Bar seating also allows the chef to hand deliver your food and tell you how he made it. This was truly special with the non churned ice cream dessert creation accompanied by sesame seeds and mashed blueberries.

Sitting at the bar you also notice the very specific bottles on the shelves. While the bourbon shelf tempts most of our friends and contains very special bottles including the elusive Pappy Van Winkle, the gin shelf is of course my favorite because of obvious reasons. Check Revel out, as well as their website, and enjoy a wonderful trip through mixology and some great stories from the McMillians.

Revel Cafe and Bar

133 N. Carrollton


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