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Wine on Tap, Beer on Tap and Oh Yeah, they have Burgers too.

Sadness ensues when one of your regular joints closes in NOLA because we tend to be creatures of habit and frequent the same places that are good to us. When one of my favorite burger joints Lakeview Harbor closed and then finally moved, their former space on Harrison Avenue was rapidly snatched up and underwent a rather expensive renovation. Three B's Burger and Wine is the new proprietor and wow, they are going to reshape this section of town.

We broke our rule about going to a new place when they have only been open for three days but it seemed fitting since we have been "stalking" the renovation for a few months now. The new owners are a team of brothers and their pop, who all own Andy's Bistro, and they were present all weekend tweaking the restaurant and talking to the customers. It is refreshing when ownership says hello at the front door and then wanders over to the table to see if you are doing okay.

The food menu is pretty simple but has some nice small plates and items that accompany wine selections. They have burgers as well as some clever sandwich options. The new feature is the extensive beer and wine menu on the back of the menu that will make Three B's the new wine bar of Lakeview. The beer and wine are mostly on tap though a beautiful glass encased wine cellar is in full view for customers. There is an entire selection of fanciful cocktails as well and Brandon, one of the two brothers, has assured us happy hour is on the horizon.

A small patio welcomes you at the front but because summer tends to be pretty close to sitting on a fire pit, we figured it would not get much use until the evening times. Our favorite decor item was the upside down beer bottle chandeliers which are the featured lighting. The bar itself is huge and will be able to accompany guests for happy hour as well as special events without interfering with table service. The best part of our visit was also the staff who help each other out in true NOLA service industry fashion and all of them say hello as they pass your table. And a heads up.....Lunch only on Saturdays right now with a Sunday brunch.

Three B's Burger and Wine Bar

911 Harrison Avenue


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