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When the Westbank can be the Best Bank

The Mighty Mississippi River divides New Orleans into two distinct sections which seems obvious but we'll tell you anyway : The East Bank and the West Bank. Ironically the West Bank is really east but this is New Orleans, so we tend to make names fit even when we get it backwards. Until both bridges (yeah we are a metropolis with basically only two bridges, were expanded, East Bankers would never travel to the other side unless it was absolutely necessary or you were headed to China Rose, Mosca's or Pho Tau Bay. Now, it's pretty much a snap to get across the river on any day so we headed over the Huey P. Long Bridge to NOLA Motor Sports for the third annual Westbank beer festival.

Nola Motor Sports is the adult playground for fast cars and go karts developed by the Chouest family of Edison Chouest Offshore. The very comfortable main race track building is the host for the event that has over 30 participating breweries pouring their creations. Some of our local favorites including Second Line were happily presenting some special beers. The event features the 610 Stompers and their support group. For those of you who are unaware, the 610 Stompers are a local dance troupe of "ordinary men with extraordinary moves" and when they were not performing, they were serving beer at the different breweries. You may have seen them at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and for those of you in the mature digits of age will recognize the polyester shorts uniforms that the gym coaches "in the day" used to wear.

We bowed out on the chance to drive one of the fast cars or even ride in the helicopter around the track because of course you had to not drink any beer prior to the ride. As if that was going to happen!

Westbank Beer Festival

Nola Motor Sports

11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094


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