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No Bull and the Rusty Nail Nails It

Even in the summer, NOLA has a party every weekend. July happens to celebrate the "Running of the Bulls" and San Fermin in Nueva Orleans never disappoints. Our twist is without the regular bulls because lord knows we would not want to spill our cocktails, but instead we have Roller Derby Girls from across the country who skate through the streets with large plastic bats swatting at anyone who dares get in their way. For those of us who prefer less bruising, jumping on the sidewalk seems to be the "Safe Zone."

We started out way too early at a pre party for young people who probably were just getting in from the night before and then engaged in "flip cup" to start off day drinking correctly. A short trek later, we met our friends in the warehouse district at Corporation Bar, and then the designated driver had to head home for a nap before picking up his friends at the Rusty Nail.

The Rusty Nail is the old Mermaid Bar situated on the edge of the warehouse district next to the Interstate. They have always served as the after party for San Fermin and this year, they had baby pools under the tables so you could rest your feet in a quick cool dip. The patio is a fun spot to hang out and has ample fans to keep the air moving in summer. Inside was accented with a DJ to keep the party going well into the morning. On a normal day, happy hour is from 4 to 7 where wine bottles are half off and almost everything else is $1.00 off. While we don't recommend getting cocktailed at 10AM, it is just one of those special moments for the locals that we certainly encourage our tourists to partake in at least once!

The Rusty Nail

1100 Constance Street


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