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When the Bywater is Simply Delicious

Deep in the heart of the Bywater, a section of NOLA that is two neighborhoods past the French Quarter as you follow the river, are a couple of "newer" establishments in the scheme of traditional restaurants in our town. Pizza Delicious and Bratz Ya'll share an old, renovated warehouse building as well as a common patio area. Both restaurants have a broad appeal to all age groups, and there are many young families with kids providing energy and fun. Ample bike racks are filled from the energetic types who choose to peddle down for food rather than driving since Crescent Park is just adjacent.

We hung out at Pizza Delicious for this visit. Delicious has ample offerings on the menu including, of course, pizza. Be careful to review the size of the pizza since the large is to say the least-- VERY large and requires more than the traditional two bodies to eat it. Our table included Garlic Knots as well as baked Pepperoni bread which was very tasty. Of course for the many that do not want carbs, salads are readily available too. A generous beer selection including pitcher pricing as well as bottles of wine complete the total package, and the good part about the wine selection is that the reasonable pricing is geared for the audience.

Pizza Delicious

617 Piety Street


Bratz Ya'll

617-B Piety Street



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