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Deutschesland Opens on the Bayou

Just a smidge too late for Oktoberfest, the newly located Deutsches Haus opened their spectacular club house on Bayou St. John in midcity New Orleans. You have been able to view the building for months but it was not quite ready for this year's Oktoberfest celebration. Just in time for the holidays though, the doors have swung open, and the club has done a remarkable job of transforming this space.

The main building consists of a great hall which can be separated into multiple sections depending on the size of the group, a kitchen which they use regularly, the member's bar in the back complete with private lockers for holding your favorite beer stein, several classrooms and of course a spectacular bar lining the entire length of the lobby area. Ample parking is available on the grounds and is free.

The main bar is not just for beer lovers and has a full assortment of premium liquors allowing those of us who enjoy gin a bit more than beer to be very comfortable. For the beer lovers, generous taps provide your favorite german and local ales. The bottled beer collection is extensive as well and fully complements all the other fine choices. The members of the Haus are very welcoming and happy to have anyone come and enjoy their bar. The stories they share on the construction and the move back to Orleans Parish are fun to listen to. Saints games are broadcast on a giant screen television and you can check their local calendar on line to see what's happening each weekend.

Deutsches Haus

1700 Moss Street


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