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Parade Planning "Bunny" Party Hopping

One of the benefits about a late carnival season in the Big Easy is the compression of the following weeks with St. Patrick's Day, St Joseph's day and the the kick off of festival season resulting in a parade and a party on just about every weekend. Locals know that one of the best ways to enjoy these seasons is to find friends and family on parade routes to set up base camp. This allows for a comfortable easing into the season so frankly, you can make it to the end of the race.

Parade Party hopping becomes a skill as you get more mature. It is wonderful to have a spot to catch your breath, grab a good cocktail and even to use the restrooms. When we were younger, bar hopping was the norm and simply easier to stand in line and grab a drink. Now with our intense level of being more sophisticated(yeah right), we require a much more high level of sophistication. It's also great to bump into old and new friends at house parties and see how everyone is maturing into the future.

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