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Crafting a Bourbon-licious Weekend

Festival season in New Orleans has kicked in with the Spring season and this past weekend did not disappoint. You have to choose your events carefully since there is so much going on in NOLA, so we picked the World War II Museum Drafts for Crafts and then snuck over to the Four Rose's sponsored Bourbon evening at the Contemporary Arts Center(CAC). Each event made the weekend an incredible kickoff to the season. In between, had the chance to catch up to Fred Knoe of Beam Suntory and his son and tasted some delicious Rye's featured at Polly's Avenue Pub.

Drafts for Crafts is the premier event for the Young Benefactors and their focus is rebuilding World War II crafts. The initial parties renovated the Higgins PT Boat now residing at South Shore Harbor on Lake Pontchartrain and the current party displayed the renovation of the 1943 Ford-American LaFrance Fire Truck. Yes we liked the boat renovation much better because you could actually walk on it, but I am sure we will be able to hitch a ride on the fire engine soon. The Boeing Center at the Museum was the host area and many local restaurants joined NOLA Brewing in offering bites and libations. Of course the bar, donated by the Sazerac Company featured some of their brands including Buffalo Trace.

The Four Roses Bourbon evening was just across the street and we were guests of our wonderful Bacardi Rep. Multiple distilleries were spaced throughout the CAC and paired with some tasty food that balanced out the flavors of the brands. Maker's Mark and Sucre did a spectacular tasting with a hand dipped macaroon dripping with red chocolate resembling the Maker's Bottle. Some new craft distilleries were present including Belle Meade from Nashville Tennessee which was close to our heart since Belle Meade is right down the Street from Vanderbilt University. Our friends at Heaven Hill had some special reserves out including Elijah Craig and Larceny which was joined by a giant blow up bottle in the courtyard.

The Bourbon Festival is just in their third year and continues to simply "WOW."

Drafts for Crafts

The World War II Museum

945 Magazine Street

Bourbon Festival New Orleans presented by Beam Suntory

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