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Running with the Bunnies

Easter Weekend in New Orleans is full of events spun around health to start with and then a little imbibing for the big day with the bunny. The 10K Crescent City Classic kicks off the weekend and three Easter parades close out the weekend.

The CCC is our city wide running race covering downtown, the French Quarter, and finally winding up at City Park in Mid City. While some energetic members of our group choose to run, walk or drink their way through the race, the really hardcore fans are at the finish line toasting the runners with Mimosas, because we know a race in NOLA is not a race unless there are cocktails involved. And yes, the race starts at 8AM so the cocktail glasses are filled by 8:10 just to make sure we don't miss anything.

The rest of the weekend ends just like any other weekend here with three parades including the Historic French Quarter Easter Parade(the old lady parade), The Chris Owens Easter Parade(she is another old lady) and the Gay Easter Parade(many old Queens). We got to see all three and were excited when some of the participants from the historic parade were in our brunch group at Antoine's following the parade.

Antoine's continues to be our in between spot to eat, drink and share Easter toys before heading out for the final parade of the afternoon. Baked Alaska, one of NOLA's most decadent desserts, and Cafe Brulot, a crazy alcohol laced coffee after dinner cocktail, are two of Antoine's specialties and some 1000 calories later, made the brunch perfect.

It was back to the streets for the Gay Easter Parade which did not disappoint. This parade tends to have some of the best bonnets and costumes of the day. It's a great way to end a wonderful weekend in the Bunny Big Easy.


713 St. Louis Street


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