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Memorializing the Weekend Part 2

A three day holiday weekend allows one to get out and revisit some old places and engage new establishments that we have not had the time to get to. Of course, events also continue to roll out throughout the weekend because, well, it is New Orleans and there is always something going on as long as you are looking for them to happen. This is part two for the weekend because honestly, we bounced around way too much for just one blog.

The Bywater American Bistro is the second production for Chef Nina Compton of Campere Lapin and we were happy to engage Sunday brunch. Brunch choices here are pretty unique and demonstrate the chef's creative expertise. I have to admit we had to Google some of the ingrediants listed on the menu because we had no idea what they were. Once you make your choice, the entree presentations are as unique as their ingrediants and quite tasty. Rounding out the food menu is an expansive wine list joining a clever listing of craft cocktails.

A revisit with the Bakery bar was a great time since they have perfected the service aspect with their kitchen and have formal service in their dining area. Of course the baked desserts are as wonderful as they ever have been. The cocktail menu continues to be updated with some of the most unique presentations in the city. It has always been fun to have a couple of the cocktails and watch the bartenders show their skills. There is also a great happy hour with $5.00 cocktails.

Just down the street from the Bakery Bar is the Courtyard Brewery. Located in an old warehouse with a self created courtyard, this bar is probably the most unique of our local breweries. They combine their ales with other breweries to create "signature" combination brands. Choosing an ale requires quite a bit of signage reading so we watched some of the younger crowd choose then followed their lead. Courtyard is moving on to the Lafitte Greenway in the near future so it will be interesting to see if this location remains.

And finally the piece de resitance of the entire weekend is the Mascara Run which is the drag queen race through the "Fruit Loop" benefitting the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. This is a fun run which encompasses many of the LGBT bars in the French Quarter as runners go from panty hose and high heels to full blown drag...some of which look much better than others. The run is a great time to catch up with friends while watching the fesitivities and cooling off with a refreshing beverage.

Bywater American Bistro

2900 Chartres Street


The Bakery Bar

1179 Annunciation Street


The Courtyard Brewery

1020 Erato Street

No phone number

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