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NOLA Pride and Pageantry

As Pride month comes to a close, the many events all over the city have been magical, friendly and heartwarming. Pride in NOLA has come a long way from years ago when we barely could get enough people out on the streets to celebrate. This year was probably the biggest celebration and once again kicked off on the Marigny side of town at the Phoenix and Mags on Elysian Fields Avenue. A special shout out to Robert's Grocery chain for hosting the Pridefest and contributing to the success of the day.

The Pridefest consisted of a collection of street vendors and bars staffed by the Phoenix. Absolut Vodka and Bud Light were the main sponsors of the festival and the parade later that evening. As we wandered from the Festival site back to the French Quarter, the annual Naked Bike Ride was commencing which added a "special" flair to the day. Of course we are limited to posting those photographs since the riders were truly devoid of most clothing.

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