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Measure for Measure Without Wining

The New Orleans Museum of Art(NOMA) is once again hosting the local innovative theater group the NOLA Project in the great hall for their own interpretation of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Of course we are a booze blog so it is important to note that Ralph on the Park's Cafe NOMA is serving cocktails through the performances. You have to adjust to a new rule at NOMA which is no more red wine inside and outside. Apparently overzealous guests, and you know EXACTLY who you are, at some of the larger gatherings cannot hold a wine glass resulting in spillage that was damaging the museum. Why the red wine ban applies to the outer gardens is a mystery but hey, we'll just go for it since there was gin.

So back to the show. Yes, most of you probably think of Shakespeare as some old guy that wrote really long plays, but drop all that thinking because the NOLA Project has reworked this one to make it hilariously entertaining for the audience. Arrive early and sit on the aisles since the troup is running around like two year old children who almost spill your cocktails if you do not hold on tight. It's a fun night and goes on for another week so get your culture on.

The NOLA Project

900 Camp Street #410


New Orleans Museum of Art

1 Collins Diboll Circle

City Park


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