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One of the coolest things about NOLA is that there are so many things to do all the time that if you stay in your own lane, you just might miss them. We are fortunate enough to have a diverse group of friends that do their own thing all the time and are happy to pull us out of our own lanes and into theirs. The concert series at Paradigm Gardens is just such a lane shift, and we were happy to celebrate a birthday in the garden.

So what exactly is Paradigm Gardens? For those of you that have lived here forever, Paradigm is located behind the historical church with the gold tower off the interstate adjacent to Central City BBQ. The land became available after Hurricane Katrina with a program designed to rebuild Central City. You probably would never take notice because it is a lush garden area where growers share their produce with several local restaurants including Patois and Coquette. There are even goats, although there is one less goat than the original set because...wait for it....they ate it at one of the dinner series. We attended the fall concert dinner series which featured delectable tastes from Patois, Coquette, Bacchanal, Boucherie, and La Petite Grocery accompanied by Port Orleans Brewery options, Cathead Vodka, and superb pairings of wine. Gracious Bakery put the final touches on the dinner with a scrumptious cream filled eclair for dessert.

Perfect weather made the buffet dinner even more special since you could wander about the garden as you ate the delicious food. Paradigm is open for tours and private events so next time you are in the area, wander on in and see a fun country garden in the middle of Central City.

Paradigm Gardens

1131 South Rampart Street


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