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A Parting of the Clouds

As the Big Easy begins to understand a bit more about opening, getting out and about is becoming a less complicated task. While we were all ready for a spectacular October with festivals opening up, smaller outdoor events focused in specific areas turned out to be the norm which allowed new discovery of places. We popped into three spots in the Warehouse District, Uptown and finally Frenchman Street in the Marigny.

Art for Art Sakes is the kickoff of the art season in the city and is generally a tightly focused strolling event centered around Magazine Street and Julia Street. Galleries this year could not agree upon opening times so wandering about was an all day event to spread the people out. We landed in the warehouse district at Ariodante Gallery first and then crossed the street to M Gallery to see local artist Fredrick Guess. Because Freddie needed a break, we wandered down to True Food Kitchen to have a quick cocktail. True Food Kitchen has a famous investor in Oprah Winfrey and is a wonderful addition to the warehouse district providing good food and well designed drinks. The staff is friendly and fun to chat with so you end up staying a while.

Back in Uptown, the Chloe Hotel and Restaurant has completed their renovation of the food service area adding additional flair which matches the lobby. The drink menu is extensive but it is more fun to ask the mixologist to create a cocktail with your favorite ingredient, gin in my case, and let them use their skills. Day drinking does require some edibles, and the kitchen does not disappoint with both small and larger plate options depending on how your hunger is going

Our final trip was to the Marigny to see how Frenchman Street was doing. Music is back on the street and the vibe is much more practical than the craziness of Bourbon Street. We discovered the Rambler bar which is perfectly sized with tables and bar space featuring big windows which allows you to view the passing crowd on the street. Cocktails are the cheapest on the street and a fine selection of beer starts at five dollars. Service Industry peeps frequent this space so you get a good cross of tourists and locals.

True Food Kitchen

801 St. Charles Avenue


The Chloe Hotel

4125 St. Charles Avenue


The Rambler

507 Frenchman Street



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