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And then there were Three

It was only a matter of time when one of the oldest hotels on St. Charles Avenue finally got their liquor license. The Park View Historic Hotel has now joined with the Chloe and the Columns to create some incredible new bar space along New Orleans' historic street car line at Audubon Park. The Park View was built in 1884 to accommodate guests coming to the World International and Cotton Exposition. The new bar takes over one of the front parlors with intimate seating, and guests can even wander to the grand porch outside for a view of the Avenue.

The Gilded Perch is the chosen name and features a collection of peacock oriented decor. A large Peacock stands guard over the bar and as you wander about the hotel, you can see even more peacock featured wallpaper and artwork completing the overall theme. For those of you who are local, please don't worry because the peacock in this bar is not the famous Mr. P that hangs out uptown just a few blocks away.

The drinks list is clever and delicious, and the bartenders are of course students from right across the street at Tulane and Loyola so the vibe is cool and fun. There is a fine collection of fancy bourbons and scotches in an antique cabinet for those of you who want to upgrade your cocktail choices. Friday and Saturday nights are the popular times to hit this bar, so of course we went on Thursday to ease into the flow. Just one month old, the Gilded Perch will surely become one of the more popular new lounges in the city.

The Gilded Perch

Park View Historic Hotel

7004 St. Charles Avenue



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