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And you thought they were Dragonflies

For those of you not from NOLA, The Greenway is a development pathway traveling from Mid City all the way to the French Quarter and allows us to walk or bike the whole way. Of course, the path cuts through a populous section of town which has allowed a number of new businesses to pop up which in true New Orleans fashion, allows you to briefly pause,or unbriefly pause in our case, at these establishments to partake in some replenishment.

Skeeta Hawk Brewing is the newest place on the Greenway and is also our newest brewery. The location has a generous patio with a nice breeze even in summer and also features some comfortable inside space next to the brewing tanks. Skeeta Hawk started with just a couple of beers and has quickly expanded their selection to please their customer base. No cans just yet but there are various sizes of glassware to satisfy your beer tastes.

We popped in on Trivia Night Thursday and were excited to see one of our favorite food trucks in Get Your Mom and Dim Sum. Trivia at Skeeta Hawk is a bit different than most places in town because it caters to the local crowd with music questions from the past few decades mixed in with regular day to day happenings. It's a great twist for New Orleans culture.

There is plenty of parking around Skeeta Hawk and pets and people are welcome since the outside space is generous. It's a stone's throw from the Broad Theater and there's even a playground across the street if you want to try out your athletic skills after a few pints of beer. And for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term Skeeta Hawk, it is not some old mechanic from the Duke's of Hazard TV show(yes you have to be old to remember this show) but the fabled Mosquito Hawk better known as the Dragonfly. Oh Yeah, and we won Trivia that Night with the Crack Spread kickball team.

Skeeta Hawk Brewing

2606 St. Louis Street at N. Dorgenois(yeah try and pronounce that one)


Get Your Mom and Dim Sum


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