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Brewing in the Bywater

The best thing about opening up after a Pandemic is the art of discovery when you finally get out and about in your city when most things were closed. Our cycling friends often do pub crawls and they let us know about the Bywater Brew Pub which has recently opened in a large warehouse on Royal Street.

Bywater Brew Pub(BBP) is a mixed use building with apartments on the second floor and retail on the first floor. The brewery is located on one end of the pub near the bar. Roll up garage doors are open when weather permits so there is good fresh air circulation throughout the joint. BPP has some great art of its own on the wall and they also feature paintings from local artists which are for sale. The food is Asian Fusion and quite tasty. There are multiple small plates to choose from which are very filling or you can get larger plates and YakaMein if you need something more satisfying. When in season, buttery, Vietnamese crawfish is available which is rapidly trending all over NOLA.

Clever cocktail creations are on a separate menu and these compliment the beer choices. I have always wanted some of our local brewpubs to offer something other than beer and BPP has managed to accomplish that quite well.

The best part of BPP is everyone is very friendly. We got to meet the owner of the building on our second visit and he stayed with us chatting about the restaurant for quite some time. Be sure and use the restrooms because they are cleverly signed which makes everyone do a double take before walking into the correct door. Parking is easy and you can wander the neighborhood and get a good feel for everything that is going on in the Bywater.

Bywater Brew Pub

3000 Royal Street


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