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For most New Orleanians, getting to the West Bank, unless you live there, is not an everyday occurrence. We traveled to Algiers, which is the only part of Orleans Parish on the west bank, for a gumbo cook off and were happy to also encounter "Friendship Day" at the locally famous Algiers Old Point Bar. For those of you who may have forgotten were Algiers is, just look across the river from Downtown New Orleans and you can see where the Mississippi river makes its first major turn and that is Algiers Point. The area consists of 100 year old cottages and some larger homes and closely resembles portions of Uptown New Orleans.

But back to Friendship Day and the Old Point Bar. Friendship Day is a big street party that takes place along the levee out side the bar. While block parties are not really common in this area, three streets served as base camp for this event. Firemen were on hand because, you know, everyone needs a firetruck and some nice looking public servants at their event. The theme was pre St Patrick's Day since that celebration was a couple weeks away. Everyone was appropriately dressed in green,and the streets were painted with shamrocks to heighten the mood. The interior of the Old Point bar is a collection of memorabilia that has been around for years. Turning back time is something we do in New Orleans and the Old Point Bar has captured that spirit. Drink prices are also something from the past which made it much easier to enjoy the day.

As the day progressed, a makeshift slide was created on the levee and children, and even some very happy adults, would grab a cardboard box and slide from the top to the bottom of the levee rolling into the street which was of course blocked off by the firemen. Everyone was very friendly since that was the theme of the day.

Algiers Point Bar

545 Patterson Street

Algiers, Louisiana 70114



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