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Luck is just Part of it

New Orleans is cocktail central for the country and we would not be as unique as we are without our collection of dive bars. Now what really is a dive bar? We consider a dive bar to be an establishment that has been around for years and is charming because of a certain level of neglect that the owner's maintain. Outsiders would translate the term "neglect" to never renovating and keeping the locale in a state of constant decline. Because NOLA considers neglect a type of charm, we simply roll with it and add strings of Christmas lights. Lots of Luck is a neighborhood dive bar that clearly checks all the boxes in our definitions.

Lots of Luck is tucked away in a residential neighborhood in Lakeview. You need a truck to get close to the front door since of course this is New Orleans and we maintain our streets as well as we maintain our dive bars. While catering mainly to the neighborhood folks, Lots of Luck is rapidly becoming more popular because it has recently won several awards for best dive bar. While winning is great, our worry is that popularity tends to ruin the bar culture and makes a charming place more of a tourist destination aka Snake and Jakes.

The bar is a collection of small rooms featuring comfortable bars stools and table seating. A pool table in the lower rooms leads you out to a fun courtyard that is amply shaded by a giant tree and has a putting green off to one side for those that want to be a bit more athletic. Cocktails during happy hour are only four dollars so we discovered that our wallets remained full after we are done. My favorite selection at the bar was wine. We asked what type of wine was available and the bartender confidently responded white and red.

Take a little time to explore this neighborhood gem and see NOLA culture at its best. On a good day, you may get to play ball with Bennie, the 9 month old Jack Russell Terrier who can pretty much run any obstacle course created for him to chase the ball.

Lots of Luck

203 Homedale Street

New Orleans, La. 70124



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