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Sipping Cider in the Parish..the other Parish

While New Orleans has an abundance of brewpubs and beer gardens, the cider craze has taken a bit longer to catch on. We met the owners of the newest cidery, Kimmie and Colleen years ago at an art show at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen uptown, and we were more than happy to explore their new establishment in Jefferson Parish. Kingfish Cider resides in an industrial area in Jefferson, Louisiana which is a small suburb located near a turn in the Mississippi River. It's just a stone's throw from uptown New Orleans so those of you scared to cross the parish lines should not fear. The large warehouse space features a very comfortable bar surrounded by community tables. The owners have pieced together a wonderful art collection of vintage signage and appliances which takes customers back in time. There are five ciders on tap currently, and you can sip them in the tasting room or get them canned to take home. And what if you don't really want just cider? Colleen and Kimmie have created a collection of cocktails featuring other local craft whiskies which makes it fun to explore the tastes.

Weekend events are posted on the Kingfish website and we happened to drop in on a fundraiser for the Krewe of Apollo with local celebrity Princess Stephanie pulling Bingo numbers. For those of you not from Louisiana, the name Kingfish comes from our former 40th Governor Huey P. Long who was quite the controversial figure in the Roosevelt presidential era. Be Sharp or Bitter but never Angry.

Kingfish Cider

355 Irish Avenue Suite A

Jefferson, Louisiana 70121


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