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The Only Giant I Used to Know is Green

While New Orleans continues to go backwards in the Covid Corridor, one promising aspect through it all is that our restaurants can still serve diners indoors. We of course do not have the frigid temperatures of our neighbors to the north so the opportunity to eat inside and even outside is still there. Our preference is indoors since we do not eat in groups often, and it is pretty easy to social distance for parties of two.

Our latest visitation was to the almost still new Blue Giant Chinese restaurant located in the Lower Garden District next to one of our favorites The Bower and Claret. Blue Giant has been open for a little more than a year now, and we seemed to have avoided it because it was dinner only. Now, though, lunch is a part of the plan and we were happy to visit.

The interior of the restaurant is a modern infusion of texture and comfort with very unique art additions on the walls and counters. The Kitchen sits in the middle of the restaurant so there is activity and great smelling creations within view. The cocktail list is the big feature here with some clever creations featuring unique ingredients that some mixologist took some time to decipher. A small wine list accompanies, and we chose the Proper Sake which is distilled in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, Sake is a rice wine so I should probably say winery or brewery, but since it is such high proof, we'll just go with distillery.

Appetizers are almost limitless so we could see how this would be a great place for groups when that is allowed again. Entrees are also fresh and innovative and well designed for sharing. Food comes out when it is ready which demonstrates how fresh it is.

The ending of the meal is also fun since the comments in the fortune cookies are created by the restaurant so they can be, for need of another word, unfortunate. Make a reservation and enjoy this delectable foray into new Chinese food.

The Blue Giant

1300 Magazine Street


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