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Vanderpump Rules

If you are a reality television fan, you have, at some point, run into the "housewife" famous Lisa Vanderpump in one of her multiple shows. Yes I know many people do not watch Bravo but give me a little leeway here. We were recently in Vegas and had the chance to visit Vanderpump Cocktail Gardens in Caesars Palace because of course, we wanted to see what all the hype was about. The bar is billed as a "Sexy Garden Oasis." This was our second Vanderpump bar visit because many years ago when staying in West Hollywood, we stumbled upon Sur and had no idea where we were, and at the time, Vanderpump was not quite a household name.

Vanderpump Cocktail Gardens is tucked away on the main casino floor and in true A-List fashion has a velvet rope to get in. It's not that competitive in line since it is a casino and everyone just wants your money, so we were whisked inside by a host wearing a sequence covered jacket. The bar is as pretty as it should be based on the Vanderpump design but surprisingly, everything was silk and plastic and nothing like the L.A. fresh flowers we see on television. Turns out that it is owned by the casino so no fresh flowers like the real thing.

What was perfectly real and delicious were the cocktails. Creative concoctions of all types and beautiful garnishes made every cocktail we ordered very special. Food was readily available but who needs food when you are sampling $25.00 cocktails in a reality bar. You are also probably wondering how the staff was as well since the show Vanderpump Rules features some of the prettiest people in Hollywood. Staff was just as beautiful in the Cocktail Garden; however, since there were no television cameras, no one was arguing or fighting with drama....except our group.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

Caesars Palace

3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109



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