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When Life gives you Bulls

The long hot summer is back in NOLA, and that means the craziest running races in soaring temperatures come to life. July's feature race corresponds with San Fermin in Pamplona known as the running of the bulls. The NOLA version is not quite as fatal as the Spanish version because our bulls are non other than the Big Easy Roller Derby Girls and their multiple friends from around the nation. Thankfully, you do not get gored by our bulls but rather smacked on your backside with plastic baseball bats.

It's been close to three years since this race graced the streets of New Orleans. Participants were ready as they filled the Sugar Mill Event space donned in red and white costumes. The grand master, not really the right term but it seems to work, of the race climbed high above the participants to kick off the San Fermin walking band and get the race started. Runners took to the streets with a block head start before the bulls were unleashed. The fully costumed bulls had horns of their own creation in various sizes and of course bats in all shapes as well to handle the paddling. There were rolling Elvi groups and even the wrestling Lucha Krewe camped out in front of Lucy's Retired Surfer bar with "flip flop" paddles to further the hurt for the runners.

If you were lucky enough to make it back to the Sugar Mill for the after party, you had to run through the gauntlet of Roller Derby girls standing ready to give you one last smack. Amazingly, the skill set of holding a "go-cup" in the your hand and not spilling the contents seemed to be a pretty easy for everyone running through the bulls.

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

Always in July

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