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When Poppy's a Drag

Local food writer and cultural ambassador Poppy Tooker continues to reinvent herself as she features some of New Orleans most iconic restaurants and bars in her publications. Poppy's "Drag Queen Brunch" is a dynamic book covering some of New Orleans' famous cocktails and desserts and some of our more famous local drag celebrities. We have seen the show at City Park Botanical Gardens and had the opportunity to see the indoor show with friends at Tujague's Restaurant (New Orleans second oldest restaurant).

Having just gotten back from Vegas and seeing an on stage Drag Brunch Show at Treasure Island Casino, we were curious to see how the locals stacked up as reopenings started back in our city. Poppy's troops did not disappoint as five drag queens sang and danced and made multiple costume changes for three hours.....yes, it was really three hours. So to put that in perspective, think bottomless Mimosas for three hours and that equates to about a bottle and a half of sparkling per person - not that we were counting or anything.

Of course Tujague's food did not disappoint and the crazy blueberry bread pudding dessert was enough to make the pickiest eaters very happy. Since we are friends with Debbie with a D, her pictures are of course all over this blogpost.


429 Decatur Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130


Poppy Tooker


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