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Tropical Isle is back with their Christmas Ad

One of the most fun parts of the holiday is when our local bars and their celebrity bar owners take to the air waves on local television during the holiday time. Pam and Earl are back again with our very favorite campy commercial featuring Rudolph the Red Nosed Hand Grenade. I have known both Pam and Earl for a very long time since they got their start at the New Orleans World Exposition which was located down at the Riverfront. I was doing my summer internship in the liquor wholesaler so I got to call on them weekly. Their location was known as Tropical Paradise and featured frozen drinks and talking birds hanging from a tropical tiki hut. From that single location which was so perfectly placed that you had to pass it going out to the river and coming back, the two became world famous as they staked their claim in the Original Tropical Isle just off Bourbon Street. All their commercials are available on their channel on Youtube.

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